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What are Flow Meter Install Requirements?

Flow meter is one of the components of metering scientific technology, which has a close relation with national economy,the building up of national defense and scientific research. To have this work done well is crucial to ensure the quality of products and the improvement of production efficiency as well as the development of boosting the science and technology, especially in the current era when the energy crisis emerges and the degree of industrial automation gets higher. In short, flow meter plays an essential role in national economy obviously.

Flow meter
Flow meter is widely applied in all fields of national economy including metallurgy、electric power、coal、chemical industry、oil、transportation、construction、textile、food、medicine、agriculture、environmental protection and people’s daily life, which occupies an important place in developing agricultural production、saving energy、improving the quality of products、increasing economic benefits and the management level. Next, let’s introduce eight key points during installation work briefly:

1. The Requirement of the Operation Environment

Flow meter had better be installed indoor. While it has to be installed outdoor, we must take some measures to protect it from the sun、the rain and the lightning in case of affecting its service life. Flow meter should be installed on the place where is handy to be repaired without strong electromagnetic inference and thermal radiation.

2. The Requirement of By—pass Pipe.

In order to ensure the regular production when checking and repairing the flow meter, we have to install shut—off valve( cut—off valve) in the front of and in the rear of the pipe. At the meantime, we should set by—pass pipe. Flow control valve should be installed on the downstream of the flow meter. When using the flow meter, the cut—off valve fixed on the upstream have to be fully open so as not to produce the unsteady flow phenomenon by the liquid in the parts of upstream.

Flow meter 2

3. The Requirements of Straight Length

It is necessary to mount the flow meter horizontally on the pipe ( the pipe tilts within 50). The axe of flow meter should be centric with the one of the pipe when installing the flow meter to make the consistent flow. The length of the pipe of upstream of flow meter should not less than the equal channel straight length which is 2D. As for the bore size that is contained in tubing from the downstream and the upstream of mounting point of flow meter has to be the same as the flow meter's.

4. Medium Contain the Impurities

For the sake of promising the service life of flow meter, we should install a filter before its straight length.

5. The Requirements of Installing Wielding

When installing wielding(such as vortex shedding flow meter), the users need to another a pair of standard flange wielding in the front or in the rear of the pipe. It is not allowed to have it with flow meter. During the installation, the sheet gasket of flange wielding should not concave into the pipe. Before the installation, the foul in the pipe like wielding slag should be cleared away strictly. When it comes to the foul like fragments、wielding slag、rocks and dust, we should use the 5 micrometers’ automatic filter installed on the upstream which aims to stop the drops and grain of sands. We had better substitute the flow meter with the equal channel pipe to blow and sweep to prohibit the flow meter from being destroyed in the process of use.

6. The requirements of Flow Meter Grounding

Flow meter can be connected with the ground but it can not be share with the ground electrode of the heavy current system.

7. The Requirements of the Explosion—proof Flow Meters

To make sure that the flow meter(such as electromagnetic flow meter) to be used safely and normally, we should double check whether the using environment of explosion—proof flow meter conforms to the regulations and requirements set for the corresponding users. Also, during the process of installing and applying, we should strictly obey the national operating requirements towards explosion—proof products. The users can not change the attended mode of explosion—proof system at our discretion nor switch the instrument at will.

8. The Requirements of the Flow Range

Model selection should be within the regulated range flow and to stop over speeding to gain the ideal accuracy and guarantee its normal service life.
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