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Three Stages of Sensor Technology Development in China

China's sensor industry is in the traditional stage of the new sensor to carry out the critical stage, it shows the new sensor to the miniaturization, multi-function, digital, intelligent, system and collection of the general trend. Sensor technology has been carried out for many years, the skills to carry out the body can be divided into three stages (China sensor supply and marketing network supply)

1.The structure of the sensor, which changes the structure of the use of structural changes to feel with the conversion signal.

2.On the 70 years to carry out solid-type sensors, this sensor from the semiconductor, dielectric, magnetic materials and other solid components, is the application of certain features made of information. Such as the application of thermoelectric effect, Hall effect, photosensitive effect, made of thermocouple sensors, Hall sensors, photosensors.

3.The current smart sensor has just started, is a microcomputer skill and testing techniques associated with the product, so that the sensor has a certain artificial intelligence.

Thus, the sensor technology in carrying out the economy, promote social improvement in the main role, is very obvious. The capital of the world is very important to carry out this category. With less confidence in the future, sensor technology will present a Pentium that reaches a new level that is quite different from its main location.
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