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Installation and Debugging of Mag Meter

1.The points of installation

(1) The mount point should choose the lowest place in the pipe after ensuring the flow direction of measured material. The mount point should be selected at any time when the pile is full of fluid in case of the error caused by the indicator which is not in the zero position due to the vacancy of fluid in the pipe.
The installation of mag meter

(2) The straight length should be kept in the front of 5D and in the rear of 3D
In order to acquire the measuring accuracy of instrument, the flow development length of the upstream side in the sensor is not less than 5D, and the downstream side is not less than 3D ( D is the nominal diameter of sensor). If there are two or more angel heads or other baffles in the upstream side, the front straight length should be larger than 10D.

(3) The signal electrode is in the horizontal direction
To make the electrode axis parallels the horizon when installing horizontally for the electrode at the bottom will be covered by precipitate and the surface of the electrode will be rubbed by the bubbles which sometimes exist in the measured medium, fluctuating the output signals.

(4) To avoid the vibration source and magnetic source as much as possible(high—power motor and voltage transformer)
Since the measuring induced voltage of mag meter is very small and the voltage is rather low, they can be influenced easily by external electromagnetic noises. Therefore, it is more reliable to have grounding(spanning) connection during the process of installation.

2. The installation and debugging of converter

Integrated mag meter do not have the converter which can be installed solely and split converter is able to be mounted near the sensor or the control room where have larger spaces and better environmental conditions. The distance between the convertor and sensor is confined by rhe conductivity of measured medium and signal cable type. The signal cable means the distributed capacitance of the cable、conductor cross—section、shielding number of piles and the types attached to the instruments in factory (or specified types). When the conductivity is low and the transmission distance is long, we should use two layers shielded cable.

In order to avoid the interference signal, the signal cable has to go through the steel pipe of ground connection. It is not allowed to install the signal cable and power line in the same steel pipe.

When it comes to the debugging of functionality, the intelligent converter reads the parameter of the instrument separately and then goes on the test of giving an alarm to critical value. Next, to writes in the discharge coefficient.

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