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How to Choose Pressure Gauge?

China pressure gauge

Pressure gauges are common process control pressure instruments. China now has a lot pressure gauge manufactures provide low cost also robust pressure gauges which are now widely bought by the buyers from the all over the world. When buy pressure gauges , we should consider a lot points ,such as accuracy of the manometer, dial size of the gauge , pressure range ,process connection, medium measured.,etc,
Here we only talk about pressure range selection, dial size selection, pressure gauge accuracy , pressure gauge maintenance

1.Pressure range

The measuring range of the pressure gauge of the Silver automaton instruments should be suitable and matched with the pressure of the measured medium. Generally speaking, the range of pressure gauge should be at least 1.5 times of the working pressure of equipment, but the maximum should not exceed 3 times of the working pressure of equipment, and the pressure range which is normally working should be between 60% and 70% of the pressure gauge full range.
The pressure gauge is tested as follows.

2.The accuracy of the pressure Gauge

The accuracy of the pressure Gauge refers to the percentage between the limit value on the pressure gauge dial and the allowable error value. The accuracy level of pressure gauge will be clearly marked on the dial of the pressure gauge. In the selection of pressure gauge, the appropriate pressure gauge can be selected according to the required measurement precision.

3.Pressure Gauge Dial Size

pressure Gauge dial diameter is according to the installation position of pressure gauge to determine, when the pressure gauge installation position space is relatively narrow, we can only choose smaller dial diameter of pressure meter; when installation space is relatively ample, we can choose large dial size pressure gauge, if users need to read the pressure measurement value at a distance. Also it is obviously that the large dial size the more cost of pressure gauge, customers should consider the cost budget when choose the pressure gauge dial size.

How Maintenance  The Pressure Gauge?

1. Pointers of the pressure gauge
2. Overflow hole: in case of emergency of explosion of bourdon tube, internal pressure will be released to the outside through the overflow hole to prevent the glass panel from bursting. Note: in order to maintain the normal performance of the overflow hole, please leave at least 10mm space behind the table. Do not modify or plug the overflow hole.
3. Glass panel: in addition to standard glass, other special materials of glass, such as reinforced glass, non-reflective glass is also optional. Pressure gauges are classified according to performance: common type (standard), common type (M) for steam, heat resistant type (H), vibration resistant type (V), and heat resistant type (MV) for steam.
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