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How to Install SH308 Pressure Transmitter ?

SH308 Pressure transmitters can be used to measure medium pressure value in the process control, such as hot water, oil, corrosive chemical pressure, steam , gas .,etc. it can be equipped with digital display and output 4-20mA . the pressure transmitter size is compact and easy to install, it can install by thread , but we should take care of  below pints when install SH308 Pressure sensor.
SH308 Pressure transmitters

Installation Requirement and Precautions for Use

1.Check the pressure transmitter model, measuring range and power supply of the SH308 Pressure transmitters and to see whether all is meet requirements in the field.
2.Install the pressure sensor with M20*1.5(or G1.5) in the pipe or vessel, no mounting brackets are needed. Zero error may appear when installation positions are different; however, pressure sensor zero error can be calibrated and has no impact on the level range. To avoid solids or other viscous substance to block the pressure port of the pressure transmitters and affect the pressure accuracy, we strongly recommend the pressure sensor port is straight down (or tilt down). When install or dismount the transmitters, wrenches can only use on hexagonal thread of the transmitters.
3.When measuring high temperature medium pressure, please use impulse lines or other cooling devices to reduce the temperature. Otherwise the pressure sensor could be broken down.
4.The working environment for pressure transducers should be airy and dry, free from strong Magnetic field interface. When install the pressures in open air, prevent the pressure transmitters from straight sun shine and d raining.
5.Try to install the pressure sensor to where there is small temperature gradient and small temperature vibrations to avoid strong shock and impact on the transmitters.
6.If the medium is viscous or has sediments, please choose non-chamber and uncovered-diaphragm structure type pressure transmitters, and clean it regularly to avoid error. For any special working environment and working medium, please specify it when ordering, we should quote special type pressure transmitters dedicated to your applications. And the pressure transmitter price is also different.
7.If the transmitters work outside of the compensation temperature, the performance will reduce.
8.If there is strong change on the environment or medium temperature, the pressure transmitters will have some change, when the working environment and medium environment is stable, the output signals will become stable.
9.Any personnel without special training please do not dismount the transmitters. If the transmitter is broken, please send back the pressure transmitters to the factory or nearby Repair Company.
10.The transmitters are precise instruments, please calibrate the pressure instruments regularly in related calibrated institute.

Warning when installs pressure transmitters

Following situations can cause the transmitters broken
1.The measuring range exceeds overload ranges.
2.The power supply over 45V DC
3.Broke the pressure port with hard objects or the medium is solidified.
4.The medium is corrosive, such as beer, hydrogen, please specify it when ordering.

SH308 Pressure transmitter Wiring Method

Wiring Side

Circuit Side

SH308 Pressure transmitter Wiring Method

Z-Zero(4mA) point adjuster

S-Full(20Ma) point adjuster

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