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Successfully Developed of Two-phase Wet Gas Flowmeter

Wet gas flow measurement has always been a technical problem in flow measurement. Our commonly used flow instruments, such as gas turbines meters, thermal gas flow meters, vortex flowmeters, orifice flowmeters, etc., require dehumidification of the medium and then measurement the gas flow.

Recently, Professor Xu Ying of Tianjin University developed a measuring device. The flow measuring device is based on ultrasonic technology, which can be used to measure the underwater two-phase wet natural gas flow range. Recently, this flow meter has been approved by CCS of China Classification Society and officially released to the market.

The design pressure, design temperature, water depth, gas content, and measurement accuracy of this flow measurement device have reached the international level. At present, this underwater two-phase wet gas flow measuring flow meter is very much needed in the development of deep-sea oil and gas fields, which can greatly improve oil and gas production efficiency, achieve more accurate measurement, and save national resources.

In the natural gas collection, natural gas in pipelines often contains liquid media such as condensate and formation water. The traditional measurement method for terrestrial oil and gas fields is to build a huge gas collection and measurement station, which separates the wet natural gas into two parts, gas and liquid, and then measures the gas flow to obtain the measurement result of the natural gas flow. After more than ten years of hard research and development, Professor Xu Ying of Tianjin University has successfully developed a two-phase flowmeter. This flowmeter can measure gas and liquid flow in real time without gas and liquid separation, and successfully measure the flow of gas and liquid at the same time. It will greatly reduce the cost of natural production.

It is predicted that about 50% of the world's oil and gas resources will come from the ocean in the future. However, deep water installations have strict working conditions, such as large changes in medium temperature and pressure, sealed working environment, high pressure, corrosion resistance, long service life, expensive installation and maintenance costs. A large number of deep-sea equipment in China are imported from Europe or Japan.

Importing an underwater flowmeter from abroad is extremely expensive, the price is up to one million dollars, and only four companies in the world can produce this kind of underwater flow meter.

At present, Professor Xu's technology combines ultrasonic technology and heterogeneous venturi technology. These two technologies have particularities and advantages in measuring wet natural gas. Ultrasonic technology is a kind of speed flowmeter, and Venturi is a throttling device and a kind of DP flowmeter, two kinds of technology combination, gave birth to an underwater two-phase wet gas flowmeter. Venturi is modified, it has more holes in the plate, and there are special guiding pressure probes. The flow metes using temperature sensors, pressure sensors, and DP transmitters are all products made in China, instead of relying on foreign imports, saving the production cost a lot  It is estimated that this flow device will cost about 70000 dollars only.

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