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What is Standard Flow, Actual Flow Normal Flow in Gas Measurement?

We have a lot of gas flow measurement applications and inquiries, choose a suitable gas flow meters are tough jobs than liquid flow meter because gas flow measurement is relatively complex due to involving temperature, pressure, and water content in the gas measurement.
Silver Automation instruments need to obtain operation temperature, operation pressure, and what kind of gas you will measure before choose correct gas meter size and flow meter type.
However, in actual applications, a lot of customers are confused about gas flow rate units, such as Nm3/h, Am3/h, SCFM, SCCM,
N means Normal flow, S means standard flow, A means Actual Flow, what are these difference?

The standard flow rate is a correction which is applied to an actual flow measurement based on a given temperature and pressure. This correction is applied using the ideal gas law. The most widely used value is 1 atmosphere (101.3 kPa) at sea level and 15℃
The normal flow rate is 1 atmosphere (101.3 kPa) or 14.696 psia at (0℃).
The actual flow rate is the actual volume of gases that pass a given point based on given pressure and temperature of the process.

More technical reference:

Wish this article help you understand their differences and select correct size gas flow meters.

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