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Magnetic flow meter used in water supply, drainage and water treatment

Why need water measurement?

Water is an indispensable substance for human survival. With the progress of human society, human life and production activities need to consume a lot of water resources. However, the water resources on earth are limited. Especially in water-poor countries, more and more people feel the shortage of water resources. It has even affected people's lives and production activities. Therefore, it is imperative and imminent to strengthen the management of water sources allocates water resources rationally, and save water.
At the same time, with the rapid development of industry and the rapid increase of population, the environmental pollution of human habitation is increasing day by day, and the pollution of water is particularly serious. Water pollution not only reduces the amount of available water resources, but also changes the quality of water, which directly affects human health. Therefore, the control and treatment of sewage discharge has also become a major concern of the whole society.
There is a concept of quantity in the management and distribution of water resources, the control and governance of sewage discharge, that is, the Water abstraction control. The measurement of water is not only a need for industrial production process control, but more importantly, water has become a commodity, and its measurement will serve as the basis for trade settlement. Therefore, higher requirements for water flowmeters are placed on the measurement of water volume. How to scientifically select the water measuring instrument and apply it correctly to obtain the greatest economic benefits is a problem worthy of great attention.

Flow measurement of electromagnetic flowmeter

In water and water treatment industry, there are many instruments currently used for water measurement. They are: throttling device (orifice plate, venturi tube, dower tube), turbine flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, etc. Because electromagnetic flowmeter is a non-resistive flowmeter, the sensor has a wide range( from 1/2inch to DN2000 , normal request 2”, 3inch, DN100,DN200,10inch water flow meter.,etc), a wide range of measuring flow rates, high accuracy, and low maintenance workload, and has been widely used.
According to the water flow characteristics and requirements of water conservancy, farmland irrigation, tap water, municipal water supply and drainage, sewage treatment and other departments, the magnetic flowmeter is more suitable for the measurement of water flow than other flow meters.
The water flow measurement of the water conservancy department is mainly used in water resource allocation, management, completion of river channels, measurement of hydropower efficiency, as well as flood control and flood control, hydraulic model experiments and other applications. Most of the applications in the water conservancy sector rely on the gravity of water to flow naturally, and the pressure of the flow meter will affect the delivery of the flow. The measurement of natural raw water mostly contains sediment, weeds, etc. Turbine flowmeters, vortex flowmeters and throttle flowmeters with blocking parts and pressure guiding holes are not suitable for the measurement medium; the time transit ultrasonic flowmeter is also difficult to be successfully applied due to the scattering and refraction of solid substances and the measurement accuracy of the Doppler ultrasonic flowmeter are low and cannot meet the measurement requirements. Electromagnetic flowmeter is widely used in the water conservancy department because it does not produce pressure loss, it is full bore electromagnetic flow meter, is not affected by mud, sand and weeds, and has high measurement accuracy. With the continuous development and improvement of water conservancy facilities, the prospect of farmland irrigation will become wider and wider. New methods of scientific farming such as sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation will be developed rapidly. Using mag flow meter to monitor the irrigation process can achieve the best results and the lowest cost. Electromagnetic flow has begun to play a role in farmland irrigation.
The water industry is closely related to the life of urban people and is the infrastructure for urban development. The flow measurement of the industrial production process of the tap water includes the measurement of the raw water entering the plant. Magnetic water flow meter is used to compare the flow of the finished water as the basis for production management, energy management and cost management; on the other hand, Mag meter is used as the settlement basis for calculating raw material costs in many places. the metering of factory water provides the amount of finished water, mag flow sensor provides reliable data for energy management and quality control in the production process; Our municipal water system flow meters provide crucial analytics necessary to manage water quality and conserve water resources.
Electromagnetic water flowmeter is also used in the dosing system in the flow measurement of the tap water industry, especially in the measurement of the iron salt solution or the high molecular polymer in the water purification treatment, as we can say magnetic flow meter can be also for water treatment, dosage magnetic flow meter is for water treatment chemicals.
Municipal drainage use magnetic flow transmitter for the measurement of domestic wastewater and rainwater. Domestic wastewater contains complex substances, and its flow is mostly self-current and has a low flow rate.
In order to improve the environment and save water resources. Sewage treatment equipment has become the infrastructure equipment of the city. The magnetic flowmeter measures the amount of incoming wastewater/sewage water, outgoing water and treated sludge in the sewage treatment plant, which can calculate the treatment efficiency and adjust the process parameters to reduce costs. Measuring the amount of dosing solution in the dosing system can control the quality of the treatment Wastewater monitoring and management needs electromagnetic water flow meters;
The measurement range of tap water or drinking water and municipal drainage flow varies very little. The newly designed tap water and municipal drainage pipe network will leave sufficient room for future development. Therefore, the flow velocity of the new pipe network is generally very low [mostly below 0.5m/s, even within 0.1m/s]. Actual flow also varies greatly with season and day and night. Only electromagnetic flowmeters can meet such a large measurement range.
Tap water, municipal drainage and pipe networks are mostly laid underground, while flow meter sensors are mostly installed in underground measuring wells. Due to the low-lying wells easily flooded with water, the sensors are often immersed in water. Therefore, the protection ingress level of the sensor is required to be higher, and IP68 is usually applied.

Magnetic flow sensor sizes and flow range

    • DN10mm, 3/8”, small size magnetic flow meter, 135-2700 LPH
    • DN15, 1 inch dial siz magmeter, 5-100 LPM
    • NB20, 3/4” electromagnetic flow meter 2-40 GPM
    • DN32mm, 1-1/4 inch water mag meter,20-400 L/min
    • DN40, 1-1/2” , full bore electromagnetic flow meter, 30-600 Liter/minute
    • Dia size DN50, 2inch, electromagnetic flow meter 3-60 m3/h
    • DN65, 2-1/2” magnetic flow transmitter,95-1902 gph
    • 80mm, 3 inch ,mag flow meters ,143-2853 gallon per hour
    • DN100, 4” magnetic flow meter,12-240 m3/h
    • NB125, 5 inch magnetic water meter, 12-247 ft/min;
    • DN150, 6” electromagnetic meter, 8.3-167 Liter/second
    • 200mm,8 inch magnetic flow meter, 15-300 L/s
    • DN250, 10” large size magnetic flow meter, flow 90-1800 cubic meter per hour
    • DN300, 12 inch  magnetic water flow meter analog type, 120-2400 m3/hr;
    • DN400, 16 inch full bore magnetic flow meter, flow range 225-4500 m3/h;
    • DN500, 20 inch electromagnetic flow meter,24-484 gallon per second
    • 600mm dia size , 24” magnetic flow meters, range 480- 9600 m3/h
    • 700mm, 28 inch large size Magnetic flow meter electromagnetic flow meter can meter 660-13200 m3/h;

Magnetic flow meter for water industry features

Water measurement at low flow rate means small signal and requires high sensitivity of electromagnetic flowmeter. The lower limit of the measuring range of the electromagnetic flowmeter is 0.5m/s. The electromagnetic flowmeter has high sensitivity and high resolution. The practical application of the field proves that electromagnetic flowmeters can measure stably, reliably and accurately for a long time at low flow rates.
The electromagnetic flowmeter sensor adopts an all-welded structure, adopts high-quality resin sealant encapsulated and potted, and meets the requirements of IP68 protection level. The electrode structure adopts a double-sealed structure to prevent leakage. The converter adopts 16-bit embedded microprocessor, with fast operation speed, full digital processing, strong anti-interference ability, reliable measurement, high accuracy, flow measurement range up to 100:1, programmable frequency low-frequency rectangular wave excitation, improving The stability of flow measurement, low power loss, and the use of digital instrument coefficients make it easy and reliable to exchange sensors and converters.

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