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Why is flow measurement important?

Modern industrial production process need flow measurement

In the modern industrial production process, in order to effectively carry out production operation and control, it is necessary to measure the physical parameters of various media in the production process. Among them, the flow measurement of fluid is one of the parameters that are often measured and controlled. In enterprise management, fluid transportation and custody transfer, flow measurement of various fluids is required. The accuracy of the measurement is directly related to the production stability, product quality and economic indicators of the enterprise. It is the enterprise to strengthen production management and improve economic benefits, different kinds flow meters are needed in various industrial productions.

Energy saving need flow measurement

Flow measurement is closely related to human production activities, scientific experiments and daily life. With the development of my country's market economy, the measurement requirements for fluid flow rate and total volume are getting higher and higher. Especially in the current era of focusing on product quality, energy conservation, economic accounting and corporate benefits, flow measurement becomes more important. Because various fluid media, such as oil, fuel, heavy oil, biogas, compressed air, natural gas, gas, steam, and water, are important energy sources or energy-containing working fluids, only by accurately measuring them can make the economic accounting, production management and business activities of the enterprise be established on a scientific and reliable basis, and carry out business management effectively. Now we need steam flow meters, digital diesel flow meters, 4 inch industrial water flow meters, digital natural gas flow meters for various applications for energy saving .

Diversified fluids need flow measurement

With the development of industrial technology, the fluids that need to be measured are becoming more and more diversified, and the accuracy requirements for flow measurement are getting higher and higher. The measured fluid includes gas phase, liquid phase, and mixed phases, slurry flow meters, mud flow meters are needed; the viscosity of the fluid is high or low, high viscosity flow meters are needed. The measurement conditions of the fluid range from high temperature to low temperature, high temperature flow meters are needed or cryogenic Flow Meters are needed, from high pressure to low pressure, high pressure flow meters, vacuum flow meters are needed. The measured medium may present laminar flow, turbulent flow, pulsating flow, and gaps. Flow... and other flow conditions, the actual flow of the fluid ranges from a small flow to a large flow, and the range of flow is very wide, therefore micro flow meters are need or large pipeline flow meters are needed. To this end, it is necessary to study various corresponding measurement methods according to the type and flow of the fluid to be measured and conditions such as the measurement location.

Important to choose correct flow measurement instruments

Due to the complexity of flow measurement, flow measurement instruments have become the most diverse type of instrument in process detection and control instruments. Various flow meters have their own different measurement principles and structural features, and their use methods are also different. Therefore, when measuring flow, the measurement conditions must be fully studied in advance, and the flow meter suitable for the corresponding conditions must be selected.
In order to accurately measure the flow rate and totalized the flow, it is necessary not only to understand the structural principle and related knowledge of the flow meter, but also to master the relevant knowledge of the entire process system including the flow meter. In addition, the installation method of the flow meter, on-site process pipeline layout and accessory facilities, etc. may affect the working condition and use characteristics of the flow meter. Therefore, the correct installation method and the mutual adaptation of the process pipeline and the flow meter are important aspect of accurate flow measurement.

Flow measurement technology developing always

Currently, flow measurement technology is advancing always. Existing flow meters are continuously improved in structure and manufacturing technology; new types of flow meters continue to appear, overcoming some of the problems that were difficult to solve with the previous flow measurement technology. For example, the Coriolis mass flow meter is one of the advanced flow meters developed in the recent period. It is quickly applied to various Industrial fields with unique measurement principles and structures. Every worker who is engaged in flow measurement should continuously learn new flow measurement technology and master the measurement principle and structure of the new flowmeter, so as to facilitate the more in-depth development of flow measurement.

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