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2012 China Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition

March 7 to 9, 2012 China Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition(SIAF) is held in China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, SIAF exhibition is Europe's largest electrical automation exhibition SPS and South China's famous industrial control automation Show CHIFA strong combination, aimed at the industrial automation industry to create a world-leading business platform. At present, the scale of SIAF exhibition has been ranked in the forefront of independent domestic professional exhibition. The marketing effect of this exhibition is satisfactory. During the exhibition, we seize this great opportunity to go to the old and new customers to introduce the latest breakthrough in technological achievements.

The range of products in exhibition includes: transmission, mechanical drive system and parts; electronic, mechanical and electrical parts and auxiliary equipment; induction technology (sensor); control system, industrial computer equipment, industrial automation software; interface technology; low voltage switch device; Machine interface; industrial communication; assembly system; material handling device; integrated system; decomposition equipment; micro-system technology; machine parts; industrial measurement and instrumentation; robot; machine vision; training and consulting.

In SIAF Exhibition, General Manager Zhou received a special correspondent and the organizers of the media interview. Zhou on the technical innovation, new product development and marketing strategies and other aspects of the reporter made a brief introduction. Speaking of technological innovation, Zhou said that the current pressure gauge market in China has just started, the impact of the new industry structure on the market is still far from obvious, the company has completed a special specification pressure gauge and put into production, this technology will not only Will bring the performance of the revolution, the cost will also give the global users to bring a very significant cost-effective upgrade. In addition the company not only produces a variety of pressure gauges, but also the production of various models of transmitters, magnetic flap level gauge (explosion, with remote, jacket insulation, high pressure, high temperature, low temperature anti-frost), we can according to user needs Custom special products, can provide customers with thoughtful service, flexible response to customer customization needs.
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