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Bidding the Huge Bid Again

Recently, we once again won the 630.5 million RMB bid, the bid from Henan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., this is our company to win the largest contract records, our company's sales staff, technical staff and clerks, for this tender, pay a few Months of effort. Sales staff and Henan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. continue to contact, understand the project information, technical staff carefully check the product parameters, our company for the project to do hundreds of pages of the tender. The main products of this tender are flow meters, level meters, temperature meters and pressure meters.

Over the past few years we adhere to the Chinese market to establish a good reputation, to participate in the exhibition, erect brand. And we in various platforms for network promotion. In recent years we have a very good brand effect. Instrument quality, low prices, technical staff according to customer needs, select the appropriate instrumentation.

Brand, quality, service and timely delivery, is our advantage. We will continue to work hard to create brilliant.
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