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How to connect mag meter to PLC by Digital Output?

A lot of customers buy SHD series magnetic flow meters from Silver Automation Instruments, and users often ask us how to connect our mag meter to PLC ?

Below is the explaination.

Digital output of SHD Electromangetic flow meter has 2 contacts: Digital output contact and Digital ground contact, the symbols are as following

POUT  ————  Digital output contact

PCOM  ————  Digital ground contact

POUT is open-collector output; users can do wiring according to following drawings:

Digital Level output Wiring Diaphgram


Digital Level output wiring

Digital output connect photoelectric coupler (for example PLC)


Digital output connect photoelectric coupler

Generally, optocoupler needs around 10mA current, and E/R=10mA, so E=5~24V.

Magnetic Flow meter Digital output Connect Relay


Digital output connect relay

Normally, intermediate relay needs E =12V or 24V ,D is Flyback diode. Nowadays most of the intermediate relays contain this kind internal diode. If the intermediate relay does not have the flyback diode, users need to connect one externally.

Click below for more technical specfications about Electromagnetic flow meters.

magnetic flow meter

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