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Electromagnetic Flow Meter Application Reference (1)

Question 1:Electromagnetic Flow meter
My client wants magnetic flow meter for HCL at 33%, also we need an HNO3 acid flow meter, HNO3, ph=0, we require output signal 4 to 20mA and digital display, can you help us with this corrosive medium flow measurement.
Hi, Magnetic flow meter with tantalum electrodes and PTFE liner are suitable for HCL and HNO3 acid flow measurement, see below Silver Instruments proper flow meter selection
Electromagnetic flow meter for HCL at 33%,
Electromagnetic flow meter for HNO3 acid
If you want to know the magnetic flowmeter price, welcome to send email to us:

Questions 2:
Hi, We need Magnetic flow meter for effluent water measurement, can you help us to choose a mag meter which meets below specifications:
Line size : 15 NB (1/2")  / DN15
Accuracy: ±0.5%
Media: Effluent water
Pressure : 3-4 Kg/cm2  / ≤ 1.6 Mpa
Media Temperature: -20℃~120 ℃
Flow rate : 0.34 ~ 9.54 m3/Hr.
pH of media: 6 to 9
Flange standard: ANSI 150#
Structure: integral
Local LCD display of Flow rate & totalised flow
O/ P: 4-20 mA, pulse
Electrode : SS 316
Local LCD display( with backlit )of Flow rate & totalised flow
Complete with: Calibration Certificate
Thanks for your great detailed specifications, see below proper wastewater flow meter selection, our calibration certificate is factory calibration certificate,
Electromagnetic flow meter

Question 3
I need electromagnetic flowmeters with below specs;
Material Construction: SS316
Process connection : 1 ½ Ferrule Clamp on
Chemical/Acid Resistant
It will be installed in Vinegar Tank
Pressure : 25 bar
With 4-20mA output
Please help us to choose a proper size mag meter.
Mag meter can be used in Chemical industry, and you can choose special electrodes and liners to measure vinegar flow, see below selection, we choose PTFE liner and Hastelloy C electrodes and stainless steel housing material for your applications,
Electromagnetic Flow meter

Question 4
Hi, we need a magnetic flow meter to measure fruit juice flow range,
-          Size 2”
-          Temp not over 100 C
-          Connection: Ferrule or flange
-          Compact version
Hi, thanks for your information, see below Electromagnetic flow meter selection
Electromagnetic flow meter
If you want to know the fruit juice flow meter price, welcome to send email to us

Question 5
I need to measure the consumption of caustic (concentrate) to two different plants from the bulk tank. So I need two Flowmeters. The size of the outside diameter of the pipe is 25mm and its material is stainless steel and below is the composition of the chemical. Preferably something inexpensive as we will be running a trial.
1.       Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda)
2.       Composition % 44-49
3.       PH of  12 (1%)
4.       Specific Gravity  (1.48 @ 20°C)
5.       Boiling Point of >100°C
Operating temperature 15 – 35 DegC.
Hi, thanks for your information, we will choose an electromagnetic flow meter with Titanium electrodes and PTFE liners for your caustic soda flow measurement,
Electromagnetic flow meter

Click below for more technical specfications about Electromagnetic flow meters.

magnetic flow meter
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