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National Pressure Gauge Association Experts Visits Our Factory

National Pressure Gauge Association experts come to visit our factory; nearly 18 members participate in our factory visiting. Our company is one of the earliest production pressure instrument manufacturers in China. The main equipment imported from abroad, superior performance, high degree of automation, and the introduction of foreign pressure gauge factory advanced technology and management mechanism, production capacity has reached the world advanced level, and exported to Southeast Asian countries. We obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, Sinopec vendor list certificate. We produce and develop various types of pressure measuring instruments, pressure transmitters, level gauge, flow meter, temperature, the production of pressure gauges. We have mature pre-market after-sales service to satisfy our customers. At present, the company's pressure gauge products are oil filled pressure gauge, stainless steel pressure gauge, diaphragm pressure gauge, electrical pressure gauge, we have establish good partnership with a large number of medium-sized enterprises.

We report our company status and technology updates to the Leaders and experts of National Pressure Gauge Association experts, after that we guide the experts to tour around our manufacture department; the exports also provide suggestions to our management and pressure gauge production. We continue to follow the customer needs as the center of the approach to a more plentiful decision and more resolute decision to provide our clients with better quality pressure instruments and more complete pre-sales and after-sales service.

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