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SHD Series Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter FAQ

Question 1 SHD Series Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter
The battery-powered SHD Series Magnetic flow meter can also have external 12V or 24V DC power supply?
Yes, we can this kind of mag meter with both battery powered and 12V power supply.

Question 2
We want to know how you can download this information into a laptop PC? We know that SHD Series battery powered mag meter has RS485 but common laptops don't have RS485. Is there another way to connect to a laptop PC?  (besides GSM/GPRS and RS485).
You cannot download the information to PC.
We normally have 3 ways to record the flow from the battery powered water meter :
2) RS485 to upper system
3) Manual check the flow on the flow meter digital display.

Question 3
What kind of information can be viewed from the mag water meter? Can I choose the periods of data saving?
Only month total flow can be viewed, and the period of data is 1-month total flow, it can max record 32 months total water flow on the battery water meter.

Question 4
The purpose of this message is to ask you a favor:
We'd like to know how does the information recording function works in the battery powered magnetic flow meter,  We know this battery-powered device has an internal memory. So, we would like to know if, for example, I want to check yesterday or last week total flow or volume,
can I do it in the mag flow meter display using the remote controller? Is that possible?
it is not possible to have a remote recorder to have yesterday or last week reading.

Question 5
Confirm if the transmitter of the battery Mag flowmeter has internal memory or data logger for recording the data.
Our battery powered mag meter has internal storage, but it is small, It can record month total flow, max record 32 months.

Question 6
Confirm whether the measurement units can be set in l / sec flow rate, and volume m3.
Yes, it can be set in l / sec flow rate, and volume m3.

Question 7
Confirm if the transmitter has infrared keyboard.
infrared keyboard is only for compact type mag meter, and for remote meter we do not have infrared keyboard. You can configure our compact type mag meter with infrared controller without opening the flow meter cover.

Question 8
Can be supplied external batteries for longer autonomy (example seven years) in the battery magnetic flowmeter, as this remote transmitter was installed in a local cabinet and could accommodate a space for these external batteries.
SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS battery can use 3-5 years.

Question 9
8) You can specify whether the remote transmitter has protection class IP68 protection?
The remote type transmitter and sensor of battery powered magnetic flow meters is IP68 protection level

Question 10
Confirm if the physical telemetry module GPRS / GSM of Silver battery powered mag meter is IP 68.
yes, it is IP68.

Question 11
Confirm if the GPRS telemetry module has the ability to send logged readings to an email.
cannot send by email. Only message.

Question 12
Confirm if you have the ability to configure the frequency storage and frequency of sending the information by SMS text message which is sent from GPRS type water mag meter?
yes, it can configure the frequency according to your demand.

Question 13
Confirm if you have the ability to view data in real time Flow.
No, battery-powered mag meter cannot view data in real time, it only collects the flow at the set time, because real-time collect will consume a lot of battery power.

Question 14
Confirm whether your SHD series mag meter with battery supply can be coupled to a SCADA system.
We provide GPRS communication, and if this GPRS communication can be coupled, then it can be coupled to SCADA system.

Question 15
Confirm if you can manufacture flowmeters with the mag meter converter with GPRS / GSM module also supplied with an electrical supply of 115-220 VAC 60 Hz.
our SHD-SE11 series main power magnetic flowmeter with GPRS function can meet your demand.
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