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Where Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter Are Used ?

How Thermal Mass Flow Meter Works ?

Thermal mass flow meters are meters that measure the flow of gases using the principle of thermal diffusion. The sensor consists of two reference-grade RTDs. One is a speed sensor RH, and the other is a temperature sensor RMG that measures the temperature change of the gas. When these two RTDs are placed in the gas to be measured, where the sensor RH is heated, another sensor RMG is used to sense the measured gas temperature. As the gas flow rate increases, the airflow takes more heat and the temperature of sensor RH drops.

gas flow measurement

Where To Use Thermal mass Flow meter ?

● Oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, chlorine, and multi-component gas measurements.
● Measurement of blast furnace gas and coke oven gas.
● Flue gas measurement.
● Measurement of aeration and chlorine in biogas and water treatment.
● Compressed air measurement.
● Natural gas, liquefied gas, flare gas, and other gas flow measurements
● Primary air flow and secondary air flow measurement of power plant blast furnace
● Downhole ventilation or exhaust system flow measurement
● Air flow measurement in the gas process
● Smoke flow rate (speed) measurement (CEMS)
● Calciner flue gas flow measurement
● Measurement of gas flow during production of cement, cigarettes, and glass plants
● Gas flow measurement in solvent recovery system
● Gas flow measurement during semiconductor chip manufacturing
● CO2 gas flow measurement during beer production
● Measurement of gas flow (speed) in heating ventilation and air conditioning systems
● Measurement of combustion gas flow in coal-fired boilers
● Real-time detection of flow (speed) in mine ventilation or exhaust system

Natural gas flow thermal mass flow meters
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