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Vortex Flow meter Installation

Vortex flow meter is opertation according to Karman Vortex Principle. Vortex flowmeter is a volumetric flowmeter that measures the volumetric flow rate of a gas, vapor or liquid, It is mainly used for flow measurement of industrial pipeline medium fluids, such as gas, liquid, steam.

Below is the several points you should pay attention to when install vortex flow meters.

1.It is the most common way to install Vortex flow transducer on horizontal pipe

No matter what kinds of fluid, vortex flow transducer can be installed on horizontal pipe, especially for overheated steam with enough heat insulating layer and liquid.

If the process pipe heat insulating of saturated & overheated steam is not very good, please use it limitedly.

(1) When measure gas or steam, vortex flow transducer should be installed at the top of pipeline if the gas or steam contains few liquid.


(2) When measure liquid, Vortex transducer should be installed at the bottom of pipeline if the liquid contains little gas.


2. Flow Transducer installed on vertical pipe

When Vortex flow meters are used in gas measurement, transducer could be installed on vertical pipe with no considering of flow direction, but for if the gas contains few liquid, the gas flow direction should be from down to up.

When used in liquid measurement, flow direction should be from down to up, avoiding extra weight of the liquid to exert on the vortx probe.


3. Lateral installation on horizontal pipe

Vortex flow Transducer can be installed laterally on horizontal pipe for all fluids. Particularly for superheated steam, saturated steam and cryogenic liquids, if allowed, vortex flow transducer should be installed laterally to avoid amplifier from being affected greatly by temperature.


4. Inverse installation on horizontal pipe

It is not suggested to install vortex flow transducer inversely for normal gas or superheated steam, but it is suitable to saturated steam flow rate measurement, high temperature liquid or the situation that dirty pipe needs cleaning frequently.


When install, take the following requirements for cable length and min. space as reference:

(1) Min space of every direction is 100mm  (2) Cable length L +150mm


How to Select Pressure and Temperature Measuring Point for T & P compensation vortex flow meter

If you require measuring pressure or temperature near the vortex flowmeter, pressure measuring point should be 3~5D at downstream of transducer and temperature measuring point should be 6~8D at downstream of transducer.



(1) Condensing flex tube

(2) Needle valve

(3) Vortex transducer

(4) Pressure transmitter

(5) Conducting pressure socket

(6) Pt100 ( temperature transmitter)

(7) Socket of Pt100

(8) L shape duct

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