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Electronic magmeter replaces mechanical flow meter

Why magnetic flowmeters are the ideal replacement for mechanical meter types ?

Magnetic flowmeters are now being used in place of traditional technology flowmeters like the differential-pressure (DP), positive displacement flow meter, turbine flowmeters, among others. Magnetic flowmeters offer several benefits in comparison to traditional-technology flowmeters. One advantage of using magnetic flowmeters is that they don’t have a primary component that is susceptible to wear and thereby guaranteeing accurate measurements, unlike DP meters. The placement of the constriction in the flow stream can lead to a loss in pressure, which can be very costly.
The other advantage of using magnetic flowmeters is that they don’t have moving parts, which are common in positive displacement and turbine flowmeters. This makes them more reliable and less vulnerable to wear. These are some of the reasons why magnetic flowmeters are being used in place of traditional flowmeters for specific applications.
electronic mag flow meter

2-Wire magnetic flow meter developes

In spite of the magnetic flowmeter market being mature and stable, there is a continuous evolvement of new products in the magmeter market, and most of these developments are favorable for continuous growth. The emergence of two-wire magnetic flowmeters is the latest development in the magnetic flowmeter market. The power source for the two-wire meters’ device has been in use for some time. Due to this, the cost of two-wire meters is relatively lower. The popularity of these meters is increasing now and then. This is because they are cost-effective.

Electronic electromagnetic flow meters 

Electronic electromagnetic flow meter has digital display to show conductive liquid instant flow and total flow. meanwhile it outputs 4-20mA, pulse or frequency , it can have digital RS485 or Hart protocol .Digital flow meter has obvioulsy advantages over traditional mechanical flow meters.

DC Mag meter

The market for high-strength DC magnetic flowmeters is one of the reasons that has contributed to the rise in the popularity of magnetic flowmeters. The previous studies did not find out the sales of high-strength DC magmeters alone from the DC meters sales. The study findings show that the high-strength DC magmeters represented approximately 16 percent of the magnetic flowmeter in the year 2004. The good thing with high-strength DC meters is that they are capable of handling noise, and this is the primary reason why users prefer DC meters over AC meters.

High accuracy of magnetic meter

The suppliers of flowmeters are enhancing the accuracy levels of their magnetic flowmeters. In spite of most magnetic revenues being generated from meters with an accuracy of 0.5%, more than 20% of the magmeter revenues are from flowmeters whose accuracy levels are above 0.5%. This percentage will keep on increasing since most of the magnetic flowmeter suppliers are enhancing the accuracy of their meters.


The discussed above are some of the reasons why magnetic flowmeters are displacing traditional technology flowmeters. Improved accuracy, ability to handle noise, and lack of moving parts are some of the reasons users are shifting from AC meters to DC meters.

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