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Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Operation Questions Summary

Silver Automation Instruments is a China Coriolis mass flowmeter  supplier , our mass flow meter not only have perfect apperance, also have strong functions and robust quality,
here we have collect some questions which are asked by our users when they use our mass meter.

Question:  What does “Percent of A” mean?

Answer : If coriolis flow meter measure 2 medium (A & B) not incompatible (such as water and oil) , “Percent of A “ is the A medium concentration.

coriolis mass flow meter 2 mix medium

Question:  What is “Medium 1 Density” and “Medium 2 Density” used for?

Answer : Two incompatible mediums mix , here customer can input the 2 medium density into the mass flow metermass flow meter 2 medium density

Question: What is “Density coefficient” used for?

Answer : It is used to calibrate the density if the Coriolis mass flow meter display the density is not very accurate.

Question: What is “pressure correction” and Temperature correction” used for?

-I assume this is a user adjustable calibration trims?

Answer : Pressure correction is reserved for future function update.

Temperature correction is for calibration trims.

cheap coriolis mass flow metermass flow meter temp correct.jpg

Question: Confirm what happens if “Reset” and “Factory Reset”  are used?

-Are these the same? -Are calibration constants lost, or just the settable units and span setting etc. lost?

Answer: Not the same.

Factory reset can cause calibration constants lost.

And reset is for the settable units and span setting etc. lost.
mass flow meter china silver instruments

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