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FAQ of SH-CMF Series Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

  • Can SH-CMF Series Coriolis meter measure medium density?

Yes. You can also check the density value on the digital display or have fluids density output (4-20mA).


  • Does SH-CMF Series Coriolis mass flow meter have tri-clamp(tri-clover) process connection for hygienic industry ?

Yes, we have tri-clover connection for food industry, please specify when inquiry and ordering.


  • What is the delivery time for the Coriolis Mass Flow meter from factory?

Normally 10-12 working days after payment received, for large quantity and special function, please contact Silver Automation Instruments to confirm.


  • Can Coriolis mass flow meter to measure liquid containing gas? Such as we want to measure R410a refrigerant flow?

Yes, Coriolis flow meter can measure liquid containing gas.


  • We need batch control coriolis mass flow meter; does Silver Automation Instruments Coriolis mete have this function?

Yes, our Coriolis Mass Flow meter has batch control option, you can select that function.


  • We want to measure a kind of dirty medium containing grease? Can this mass flow meter show the grease percentage?

Yes, in our mass flow meter configuration list, you can see a “percent of A" we sometimes refer to it as "Percent Solids" which is a good feature to meet your demand.


  • We want a Molasses flow meter which the viscosity of the liquid is 50,000 to 100000 Cpoise, can Coriolis mass flow meter work?

Yes, currently the max viscosity we measure is 500000, and your molasses is no problem for our Coriolis meter.


  • What is SH-CMF Coriolis Mass Flow meter Origin?

From China manufacture.


  • Can you offer a heated tube version of mass flow meter?

Yes, we have this function option; please specify this to Silver Instruments.

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