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Electromagnetic Flow Meter Total Flow Clear Operation

SHD series Electromagnetic flow meter is quite popular to our customers, when using in the field for some time , they often ask us how to clear the total flow which is showing on the digital display . Here is the precedures of how to clear the Total Flow .

From the left to right, there are four buttons.

We call No.1, No.2, No.3 and No.4 Keys.

When we press the NO.1 and No.2 keys together, the cursor will move to the left, when we press No.1 and No.3 together, the cursor will move to the right, when we press the No.2 key, the figures will decrease, when we press the No.3 key, the figures will increase.

Operation To Clear The Total Flow

1. press the No.1 and No.4 keys together, it will show “parameters set” menu.

2. When we press the No.4 key, it will show “0000” or “00000”, we change the password into “9454” or “09454”; or “19818” which is the universal password.

3. After we set the password, press No.1 and No4. keys together , it will show “language”.

4. Press the No.3 key and scroll the menu until showing the “clear Total recorder  password”, press the No.4 key ,then set a simple password (the password is set randomly by the customers)

5. When we set the password for clear total recorder , press the No.4 keys for a long time and return back to the normal measuring state.

6. press the No.1 and No.4 keys together, it will show “parameters set” menu.

7. Press the No.3 key, scroll the main menu and it will show “clear total recorder” . the No.4 key enter and input the password for total flow zero, then press the No.1 and No.4 together, when the display show “0”, it means you successfully clear the total flow.

8. Press the No.4 key and return back to normal display mode.


Click below for more technical specfications about Electromagnetic flow meters.

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