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SRK-100 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meter Overview

SRK-100 series thermal mass flow meter is a kind of gas flow meter that measures the fluid flow using the principle of thermal dispersion principle to accurately measure the mass flow of the gas. The thermal gas mass flow meter is small in size, easy to install, accurate in measurement, and relatively high range ratio, meeting various industrial control needs. Below is the article talking about Silver Automation Instruments SRK-100 series thermal mass flow meter types provided also gas flow conversion information, if you want to know the thermal mass flow meter manufacture price , you can feel free to contact us.

Thermal mass flow meter Construction Type

1. Compact thermal mass flow meter:

The thermal mass sensor, transmitter, display are integral, Power supply can be 220VAC or 24VDC upon customers’ request.The digital display can displayinstantaneous flow and totalized flow, users can set alarm points and the gas flow meter can output 4-20mA,pulse,RS 485 Modbus RTUcommunication.

Compact Thermal mass flow meter

Compact Thermal mass flow meter

2.Remote Display thermal mass flow meter

The thermal flow meter sensor and flow transmitter are not integral, they areseparate. The remote digital display can show gasinstantaneous flow and totalized flow, set alarm points and output 4-20mA  or pulse output.The two parts are connected by three wires system, and the flow meter transmitters are 3 wire type.

Remote Display Thermal mass flow meter

Remote Display Thermal mass flow meter

Output of Thermal Mass Gas Flowmeter

  • Linear output: standard 4-20mA linear output;
  • The display unit output 4-20mA, the flow range can be set manually. For example, the flow meter measuring range is 0~5000 Nm3/h, it output 4-20mA, the display unit can set 0-3000Nm3/, 100~1500 Nm3/h… then output corresponding to 4-20mA signal.
  • Cut off small flow. For some customers, cut-off small flow is required, this function can meet customers’ requirement.
  • Output filter: when the gas is flowing in the pipeline, there are vibrations and interface for some reason, the output values on the digital display are fluttering and not stable, filter factor can be increased to decrease the fluttering and eliminate small signal interference.
  • Communication port: RS485 Modbus RTU or alarm outputs. Customer needs to specify these functions when ordering, because these functions are not standard configurations for thermal mass flow meter manufacture.
  • Hart Protocol is available upon customers’request.

Measuring Unit and Flow Unit Conversion Table

1. Normal used mss flow unit for thermal mass flow meter is : kg/h;

Normal volumetric flow unit for thermal mass flow meter is : Nm3/h

2. When the air flow sensor flow range is large, please select t/h or Nm3/h

When the gas flow meter flow range is small, options are following listing:

Standard milliliter per minute: ml/min, symbol: SCCM

Standard liter per minute: L/min, symbol: SLM

Standard cubic meter per minute: Sm3/min

In industry process control, following units can be adapted when measuring air flow .


Implication for the symbol


Metric system



Standardmilliliter/ minute


Standard liter /minute

SL/min   NL

Standard liter /minute

SM3/min   NCM

Standard cubic meter /minute



Kilogram/unit time



British System


Standard cubic foot/ time


Pound/ time

Flow rate


Standard meter/ time


Standard feet/time



1 Standard cubic foot =0.0283SM3/min

Length Unit Conversion

1inch=25.4mm    1cm=0.394inch

1ft=30.5cm          1m=3.28ft





Gas or AirFlow UnitConversation Table

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