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Ultrasonic Level Meter Trouble-shooting

Trouble Phenomenon

Trouble Reason


The instrument does not show, and does not work.

Power supply error.

Wiring error.

Check the power supply.

Check the wiring.

The instrument doesn’t work but with show.

The sensor doesn’t aim at the liquid or the material.

The surface has great fluctuations.

Liquid surface with lots of foam.

The container is empty and the bottom is not flat.

Over the range.

Adjust the sensor and aim at the material.

Add a tube to the container.

Add a tube to the container

Use instrument with a lager range.

Use instrument with a lager range.

The instrument shows unstable or the measured value has a great deviation.

The level enters the blanking distance.

There is strong electromagnetic interference

There is Obstruction of the ultrasonic wave.

Increase the installation height of the instrument. or prevent the level too high.

Increase shielding to the instrument.

Change the installation site or using a plastic tube.

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