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What is a magnetic flow meter used for?

Widely used of magnetic flow meters

Magnetic flowmeters are widely used in a lot industries, there are ten kinds of industrial flow meters : differential pressure type, variable area flow meter, positive displacement type flow meter, turbine flow meter, electromagnetic flow meter ,fluid oscillation type, ultrasonic flow meters, Coriolis mass flow meter, thermal flow meter, open channel flow meters, magnetic flow meters are one of them. The annual sales of electromagnetic flowmeters have increased year by year. In the 1990s, it was second only to differential pressure flow meter, variable area flow meter, and positive displacement flowmeters, often ranking fourth and fifth, accounting for about 5%~7% of total sold industrial flow meters.

Main applications to use industrial magnetic flow meters

Electromagnetic flowmeter application industries include: energy utilities, environmental protection, wastewater, metallurgy, chemical industry, petrochemical, pulp and paper, beverage and food industry, textile industry, plastic and rubber, etc.

Reason of magnetic flow meters to have wide applications

The electromagnetic flowmeter is not only suitable for the flow rate measurement of process control such as pipeline continuous proportioning production, but also for the total measurement of trade accounting, storage transfer and filling. Electromagnetic flowmeters can be applied to various conductive liquids; due to the easy selection of electrode and lining materials in contact with the liquid, it is very suitable for measuring sanitary or hygienic requirements or corrosive liquids, such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, etc.; Compared with other varieties of flow meters, it is more used to measure dirty liquid flow, slurry, mud liquid containing solid particles or fibers.
Digital magnetic flow transmitters have LCD display to show flow rate and total flow, it is also option with 4-20mA, frequency output MODBUS, HART communications for process control and monitor.
Magnetic flow meter can be made from 4mm to 3000mm, from micro flow meter to large pipeline flow meters, normal request magnetic flow meter including 1/2”, 1”, DN25, DN50, 2”, 3” ,DN100, 4 INCH, 6”, 8 INCH MAGNETIC FLOW METER, 10” dial size mag meters;
Can be 24V DC, 220VAC or battery operated magnetic flow meters;

Magnetic flow meter used in metallurgical industry

Electromagnetic flowmeters are often used in the metallurgical industry to control the flow rate of cooling water temperature in continuous steel casting, continuous steel rolling, and steelmaking electric furnaces. Blast furnace tuyere protection cooling water leakage monitoring is to compare the flow rate of the inlet and outlet ends of the tuyere. If there is a difference, it will give an alarm, and the measurement is required to be accurate and reliable. In the process of copper smelting and zinc hydrometallurgy in the non-ferrous metal industry, full bore magnetic flow meter is often used to measure the flow rate of ore slurry.

Magnetic flow meter used in water treatment industry

In the field of public utility water supply and drainage, electromagnetic flowmeters are used for the delivery of finished water in water plants and raw water metering for paying water resource fees to the state. Magmeter is used in the water plant for flow measurement and control between processes, such as the ratio of raw water and condensate. In the field of drainage, Mag flow meter is used in the charge measurement of sewage treatment plants receiving sewage and the discharge of water from various enterprises to nature, as well as flow measurement and control in the process of sewage smelting, it is normal used waste water flow meter, sewage water flow meter. Magnetic flow meters are used in municipal engineering sewage and enterprise wastewater discharge measurement. Submersible electromagnetic flowmeters are suitable for flow measurement in diversion or open channels.

Eletromagnetic flow meter used in pulp industry

In the pulping process of the paper industry, magnetic flowmeter is involved in the flow measurement of polishing pulp, water, acid, and alkali; in the papermaking workshop, it is used to measure the inflow and outflow of each pulp pool, and participate in a variety of pulps,proportioning process; Magnetic flow sensors are used in the bleaching section for the measurement and control of additives, dispersants and bleaching agents

Magnetic flow meter for slurry measurement

In the process of geological exploration or exploitation such as petroleum, electromagnetic flowmeters are often used to measure the amount of cement slurry poured in the cementing process. The working pressure of the electromagnetic flowmeter for high pressure water injection in oil wells is usually 30~40MPa, even as high as 100MPa. Electromagnetic flowmeters have mature experience in coal washing and pipeline hydraulic transportation of coal-water slurry in the coal industry.

Electromagnetic flow meter for food industry

In the food and beverage industry, the application of electromagnetic flowmeter occupies a large share, also are now widely used in China, besides the production process of the beer industry and the filling of the beverage industry. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used to test low-temperature liquid medicines around -10 °C in the production process of antibacterial homes.

Magnetic flow meter to be used as chemical flow meter

In the chemical and petrochemical industries, electromagnetic flowmeters are mostly used to measure corrosive liquids, chemical solutions, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and other acid solutions and sodium hydroxide and other alkaline solutions in the alkali-making project. In the nitrogen fertilizer industry, there are also reports of measuring 13MPa high pressure cupro ammonia solution. Nowadays, magnetic flow meter has new style for ultra low liquid and chemical flow measurement with ml/min flow unit.

Insertion magnetic flow meter applications

The insertion electromagnetic flowmeter is mostly used in measurement places that do not belong to trade, accounting, and handover, such as the mixing ratio of raw water and condensate in water supply projects; it can also be used in hydraulic engineering measurement channels or experimental model flow such as hydrology, such as two-dimensional vector flow electromagnetic flowmeter.

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