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Inexpensive thermal mass flow meter

Silver Automation Instruments supply inexpensive thermal mass flow meter with rugged quality and fast delivery time from China thermal mass flow meter manufacture. Thermal dispersion mass flow meter supply a gas mass flow reading by measuring the heat dissipating effect of the gas or air flow on a temperature sensor (RTD). Heat transfer is proportional to the gas mass flow.

Low price cost thermal flow meter with excellent performance

Get better gas flow rate Measurement Accuracy at economical cost
Thermal mass flow meter sensor can achieve wide flow range flexibility, especially detect extremely gas or air low flow rate
Direct gas mass flow measurement at cheap price, no external pressure transmitter or RTD or flow computer needed
Insertion probe thermal mass flow meter offer the low cost installation possibility
No moving parts inside thermal mass flow meter, so no clog, wear out or foul to ensure flow meter sensor with longest service life, the thermal gas flow meter need very little maintenance.

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  • Flanged Thermal gas mass flow meter with PTFE paintingFlanged Thermal gas mass flow meter with PTFE painting2019/09/13Thermal mass flow meter with PTFE painting is suitable for most gas flow rate measurement, especially suitable for aggressive or caustic gases, such as emission gas,HF gas, ammonia (NH3), H2S, SO2, em...view
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