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Flow meters for low flow applications

A low flow flowmeter is a specialized flow measurement instrument designed to accurately measure and monitor very low flow rates of fluids or gases, typically expressed in units such as SCCM (standard cubic centimeters per minute), ml/min (milliliters per minute), or g/h (grams per hour). There are various types of low flow flow meters, including volume low flow flow meters and mass low flow flow meters.

Volume low flow flow meters measure the volume of the substance passing through, while mass low flow flow meters measure the mass of the substance. Examples of low flow flow meter types include low flow turbine flow meters, very low flow positive displacement flowmeters, Mini Coriolis flow meters, and micro thermal mass flow meters.

Low flow flow meters find applications across different industries and sectors, including measuring and monitoring low flow rates of water, fuel, diesel, nitrogen (N2) gas, carbon dioxide (CO2) gas, and air. These flow meters are crucial in applications where precise and accurate measurement of low flow rates is essential for various processes, ensuring efficient usage and management of resources in industries such as pharmaceuticals, environmental monitoring, manufacturing, research, and more.
  • Low flow mass flow meterLow flow mass flow meter2021/03/09Low flow mass flow meter is a kind of mass flow meter which can measure fluids at ultra low flow rate with ml/min unit. We have micro thermal mass flow meter for gas or air mass flow measurement; we also have micro Coriolis flow meter for liquid mass flowview
  • Small Coriolis flow meter/flow controllerSmall Coriolis flow meter/flow controller2023/03/30Micro Coriolis flow meter/controller is designed for very low flow measurement, such as 40 g/h, 10 kg/h.etc, and integrates PID controller and batch function inside to realize ultra low flow control or low flow quantities l feeding, it is P&ID mass flow mview
  • Micro air flow meterMicro air flow meter2019/07/14Micro-flowrate thermal dispersion flow meter is designed on the basis of thermal dispersion, and adopts method of constant differential temperature to measuring air at very low flow. It has advantages...view
  • Low flow gas Flow Meter/Flow ControllerLow flow gas Flow Meter/Flow Controller2023/07/10Low flow mass flow meter and flow controller can measure gas ultra low rate as low as 2 sccm (2 ml/min), For air,biogas,natural gas, N2, O2,CO2,etc.view
  • Low flow oil flow meterLow flow oil flow meter2021/12/26Oval gear flow meter is a kind of inline digital low flow oil flow meter. The oil min flow it can measure is 0.03 Liter/h (0.5-150 mL/min), it is very ultra low flow oil flow meter.view
  • Chemical flow meter low flowChemical flow meter low flow2019/07/23We supply chemical flow meter working at low flow rate, no matter it is corrosive or non-aggressive liquid, conductive or non-conductive liquid, viscous or non-viscous chemical solution, we all have p...view
  • Low Flow Liquid Turbine Flow meterLow Flow Liquid Turbine Flow meter2018/11/22Mini-flowmeter to measure Low flow rate from 0.035 L/min to 3 L/min for clean and non-corrosive liquids flow measurement.view
  • Microfluidic Flow MeterMicrofluidic Flow Meter2019/07/05LC-M Series Micro oval Gear flow meter candetect ultra mini liquid flow as low as 0.5 ml/min, but can still keep accuracyas high as 0.5%F.S, It is a kind of positive displacement flow meter forprecise...view
  • Micro Fuel Flow MeterMicro Fuel Flow Meter2022/10/10Micro fuel flow meter is a kind of positive displacement flow meter. The small fuel flowmeter is a very characteristic flowmeter that can measure a variety of clean fuel, its measurement accuracy can ...view
  • Low flow rotameterLow flow rotameter2019/06/06Metal tube rotameter can work on the water low flow min to 1.6 Liter/hour, it can be used to detect fluids micro flow rate. Metal tube variable area flowmeter is one of the oldest flow measurement tec...view
  • Low flow fuel flow meterLow flow fuel flow meter2022/04/18How low flow fuel flow meter work?Fuels, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, bio-diesel, kerosene, and ethanol may run at low flow rate. Such as at ml/min or lph velocity, in that condition, ultra low flow...view
  • Low flow high viscosity flow meterLow flow high viscosity flow meter2019/07/13Oval gear flow meter and Coriolis mass flow meter are both suitable instruments for low flow and high viscosity flow rate measurement, the viscous fluids including: latex, crude oil, tooth paste ,resi...view Protection Status